Legally Blonde (LOT)

"Madison Hayes-Crook in the leading role demonstrates her triple-threat talents, juggling singing, dancing and acting deftly. With a passing resemblance to Alicia Silverstone, Hayes-Crook captures Elle’s complex traits of wilfullness and charming vulnerability. Hayes-Crook’s strong voice is particularly lovely." -Lori Bosworth (Toronicity)  Oct 27 2015

"Legally Blonde The Musical: Hayes-Crook shines as LOT's Perky sorority star....Madison Hayes-Crook makes a killer Elle Woods, continually grabbing the audience’s attention – as Elle should – with a look-at-me-style display of her triple-threat abilities."- Veronica Appia ( The Theatre Reader) Nov. 1 2015

"A standout performer is the star Madison Hayes-Crook as dreamy lovebird Elle Woods, who heads to Harvard Law School to follow her ex-boyfriend and turns out to be a successful student herself. Good thing she is so good because she rarely leaves the stage." - Melinda M ( Nov. 4 2015


"There were a few performers that stood out for me. I really enjoyed the synchronized comedic Hijinks of Nicola Hadjis and Madison Hayes-Crook and Cinderella's step sisters, Lucinda and Florinda." -Peter Hendra (Kingston Whig Standard) July 28 2016

"Stand-outs include Nicole Norsworthy and Little Red, Eric Morin as both the wolf and Cinderella's Prince and an absolutely hysterical by Nicola Hadjis and Madison Hayes-Crook as Cinderella's step sisters. What a hoot." - Craig Norton (WWNY) July 27 2016

Disenchanted (North American Tour)

"Madison Hayes Crook's ditzy and overbearing Cinderella is a comic gleam, stealing almost every moment she steps on stage"-Matthew G. Moross (The Daily Gazette) Oct. 6 2016

"Hayes-Crook may have been playing a princess, Cinderella, but she was a queen of comedy. Although she us tapped as the stereotypical dumb blonde, she is brilliant in her body language, emotion, expressions and vocal inflection as vehicles of slapstick humour. She seems to kind of take over the show by the end.... Hayes -Crook is one of the strongest dancers in the show"- (Entertainment Connect) Oct 3 2016

"Madison Hayes-Crook as the intellectually challenged Cinderella ..has a deft touch with comedy and a pleasant voice to boot."-Mark Bretz (Ladue News) March 1 2017

"Hayes-Crook (was) fabulous. (A) great singer. (A) great comedian)" -Mike Chaiken (The Bristol Observer) Oct. 1 2016

DisENCHANTED (Broadway In Chicago)

"Madison Hayes-Crook is hilarious as Cinderella, as fragile as her glass slipper and terrified by how little time is left in the show" -Christopher Jones (Chicago Tribune) May 16 2016

Cinderella (Madison Hayes-Crook), sweet but also slightly dim...We're in good hands with these three, espacially Hayes-Crook, whose naivete and gentle humor endeared her to us." - Paul Lockwook (Northwest Herald)

"While all the performers display apt vocal and comedic chops...(Hayes-Crook) is ultimately quite funny and has a shining moment in the number “All I Wanna Do Is Eat,” in which she leads her princess counterparts in an homage to food"- Rachel Weinberg (Perform Inc.) May 16, 2016

INto the Woods (Randolph Theatre)

  "In fact, most of the “parent” roles are standouts, including Madison Hayes-Crook as Cinderella’s Step-Mother."-Jeremy Thinks Things (August 2 2014)

FAME (Merivale Theatre)

“Madison Hayes-Crook, a triple-threat wonder who has won a Cappie for best comic actress (Once Upon a Mattress, 2010) and best female dancer (The Drowsy Chaperone, 2011)”- Ottawa Community News, March 15 2012

 “Three times the talent, 10 times the fun!” Madison Hayes-Crook played feisty troubled diva Carmen Diaz. A powerful triple threat, Hayes-Crook stunned with her flavour-filled, intense character...” –Nicole Sudical (Ottawa Citizen) May 1 2012